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If your local Department of Motor Vehicles supports printed vehicle titles, you’re probably all too aware of the expense, hassle, and staffing requirements necessary to securely process and store your customers’ information. That’s where our title administration team comes in.

We’ll work with all DMVs to ensure your paper lien and title records are accurate, comprehensive, accessible online, and properly secured in our system to guarantee the utmost privacy to you and the vehicle owners you serve.


img Traditional Title Administration

From ensuring the initial purchase is properly documented to releasing interest and re-assigning titles as part of the paid-in-full process, our team will work to remove administrative busy-work from your To Do list – freeing up your staff for more profitable pursuits.

Our title administration services include:

  • DMV verification, interaction and document receipt
  • Document imaging with optical character recognition
  • Title information verification
  • Title corrections
  • Delinquent title follow-ups
  • Replacement title creation
  • State-to-state transfers
  • Document storage
  • Repossession titles
  • Paid-in-full processing

img Lien Releases and Duplicate Titles

As a lender, you receive countless inquiries about obtaining a lien release or duplicate title from your customers. You can reduce this cost by enrolling in Get My Car Title, a service which will shift customers or dealers from your call center to our website. Customers can request a lien release letter or duplicate title. All the while, you get paid a fee for this service. PDP works with you to set up a program that is beneficial to your customer or dealer culture and we integrate with your system. 

Lien release and duplicate title services include:

Interface and integration into your
customer facing website

Development and customization
to fit your needs

Electronic verification of lien

Certified and notarized lien
satisfaction letters

Overnight services

Fee waivers for enhanced
customer service

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