Insurance Tracking
and Verification

Making Sure You Have All the Right
Protections In Place

Our insurance tracking, verification and management services relieve your finance or leasing organization from the burden of ensuring client insurance compliance in the US and Canada.

Our offerings reduce your risk of experiencing uninsured losses and give you confidence that your collateral is protected. With service features and correspondence cycles that can be tailored to your portfolio type, we’re confident we can streamline your business operations to make them seamless at a fraction of the cost and hassle of handling insurance tracking in-house.

How can Insurance Tracking help your business?
  • Validate contract requirements
  • Expedite claims processing
  • Have an early indicator of loan/lease default
  • Confirm portfolio viability for investors
  • Reduce your exposure to liability

We proudly offer

Customized follow-up with insurance agents

Website lookups and EDI transmissions

Extensive reporting and analysis

Insurance document imaging

Document storage and safekeeping

Multi-lingual support

Optical character recognition technology

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