Dealers' Open Lot
Insurance Coverage

Protecting Your Owned Auto Inventory
from Forces of Nature and Chance

Auto dealers are at the heart of all the services we offer. With almost five decades of experience working with dealers big and small, we’ve perfected our product offerings to reflect their unique needs. Our Open Lot Coverage is no exception.

Carefully designed based on countless points of feedback from our dealership and OEM clients, our dedicated plans can help protect you from expenses associated with cars parked on the lot as inventory, test-driven by potential buyers, or even in transit to the dealership.

With our dealer open lot plan on your side, you can expect protection from:

Collision costs

Damage due to acts of nature

Garage-keepers' liability

Physical damage due to open lot

Uninsured motorist accident

Medical payments

Malicious mischief and vandalism

Business income loss

and more covered liabilities!

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