Comprehensive Property & Casualty Insurance for Franchised Auto Dealerships

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Overseeing an auto dealership means being responsible for mitigating an extremely wide variety of risks inherent to an environment that mixes humans, technology, and high-cost assets. Our Franchised Dealership insurance has been thoughtfully designed with the unique challenges of an auto dealer in mind and refined through nearly 5 decades of trial and improvement.

We’re here to help you minimize loss by working with you to identify potential risks in your environment and business plan, and to effectively structure a coverage policy that provides comprehensive protection without taking on unnecessary insurance products that don’t apply to your needs.

Here are just some of the coverage categories we offer:


Pollution Liability





Adequate Policy Limits

No Aggregate Limitations for Auto Liability

Under or Above Ground Storage Tanks

Spilled Petroleum Products

Spent Paint Thinner Used Oil

Wash Water Used Batteries

Carburetor Cleaner (TCE)

Grease Traps

Ordinance or Law Coverages

Equipment Breakdown

Loss of Rents

Employee Tools

Business Income and Extra Expense

Employee Dishonesty

Welfare & Pension Plan


Compliance Computer Theft

Funds Transfer Fraud


Money Order & Counterfeit


Aggregate Deductible Options


Spot Delivery Impending Damage

Workers' Compensation

Third-Party Discrimination

Fair Labor Standards Act Coverage

Multiple Limit Options

Identity Theft

Check out our Garage Liability, Open Lot Liability, and Manufacturer's Courtesy Vehicle services to ensure quality
coverage is there for whatever the road ahead may bring.

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