Specialty Lines Insurance Program

Daily Rental Insurance Programs

Factories, dealers, and customers all prefer that warranty customers drive same make service replacement vehicles. This program will increase customer satisfaction, increase dealer service retention, and increase factories' parts sales.

Self Registration

Private Label Gap Insurance

When a car is a total loss due to accident or theft, quite often the owner ends up paying the difference, or "gap", between what he owes on the loan or lease and the actual cash value of the vehicle.

In such cases, Loan and Lease Elimination insurance is a simple and affordable method of protecting vehicle owners from the financial loss associated with loan/lease deficiencies.

PDP's GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) program pay the difference between the actual cash value of the totaled vehicle and the outstanding loan or lease. It also reimburses the primary insurance deductible up to $1,000.

The program can be tailored to your desired coverage level and private labeled with documents bearing your company's logo.

Contingent and Excess Liability

Contingent Liability coverage insures a lessor against loss if the lessee's primary insurance:

  • has been cancelled
  • has expired
  • is insufficient
  • is uncollectable

Excess Liability Insurance protects the lessor when he or she is named as a defendant as a result of an accident involving a lessee. This coverage applies over and above the lessee's primary policy or the lessor's contingent coverage.

Contingent Physical Damage

Contingent Physical Damage Insurance provides the lessor with comprehensive and collision coverage if the lessee's primary coverage is not in force or is uncollectible. This coverage has several deductible options.

Interim Auto Coverage

Interim Auto Coverage applies to vehicles owned by a lessor and intended for lease and vehicles returned to a lessor after lease termination and held for sale or assignment. The coverage is available in both liability and physical damage forms.

Residual Value Insurance

Residual Value Insurance guarantees the future value of a leased or financed vehicle at the end of its term. This coverage offers you peace of mind for the unknown risks of the used car market in the future, so your concerns about the future profitability of the portfolio can be put aside.

Independent automotive publications are used to establish the future value of the insured vehicles, and several deductible options are available.

Extended Service Contracts Program

Many people own their vehicles far beyond the terms of the factory warranty. Without the protection benefits offered by extended service contract coverage, vehicle owners may experience significant costs due to mechanical breakdown.

PDP will help you develop a private label extended service contract program to offer to your customers.

Blanket Lender Single Interest Programs

Blanket Lender Single Interest Coverage protects lenders against loss from repossessed collateral that is damaged and uninsured. This physical damage insurance includes coverage for theft and can be extended to protect the lender after the vehicle has been repossessed and is being held for sale or assignment.

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